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Carla Fracci’s autobiography in Serbian, published by the Belgrade Dance Festival

The first collaboration between the Italian publisher Mondadori and the Belgrade Dance Festival

Giselle, Juliet, Cinderella, Medea, Swanilda, Francesca da Rimini... these are just some of the roles she interpreted. She performed over two hundred characters on the stage, bringing stories to life with incredible variety and from the depths of her soul, because „the language of dance is more penetrating than that of theatre, precisely because of the absence of the words“.

The autobiography of the famous Carla Fracci was published in Italy by the Mondadori house, while for the Serbian market this edition was realized by the Belgrade Dance Festival in collaboration with the Italian Institute for Culture, with the support of Banca Intesa and the Milan Scala Foundation.

In her book, which she titled „Step by step“, Carla Fracci tells about her childhood spent in a Lombardy village, her graduation performance, and triumphant success on the most important world stages: in Milan, New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, Havana, Tokyo, London... The daughter of the tram driver Luigi and worker Santina, a distant cousin of Giuseppe Verdi, Fracci talks about her love for her family and the honorable approach to dance that she tried to bring to the most distant places, about great artists, her friends, and contemporaries who left a lasting mark in the world of opera, ballet, film, music, politics...

With the praise of the most influential ballet critics and warm applause from the most diverse audience, Carla Fracci performed side by side with the world’s most famous dancers: Erik Bruhn, Rudolf Nureyev, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Mario Pistoni, Paolo Bortoluzzi... She also shared the stage with Margot Fonteyn, Gelsey Kirkland, Alicia Markova... She collaborated with choreographers such as John Cranko, Maurice Bejart, and Antony Tudor, and a significant role in her life had poets, including the famous Eugenio Montale, who dedicated many famous verses to her. Carla Fracci opened the

12th Belgrade Dance Festival
with a speech in front of a full hall at the Sava Center. It was filled with strong, multi-minute lasting ovations.

„... In one suitcase, I keep the pointe shoes in which I performed at the Bolshoi, as well as one pair that Margot gave me, with an autograph that has since faded. I still use the alcohol-soaked notebook I used to soften my pointe shoes, which has Erik’s number in Toronto written down, as well as Rudy’s number in Guadalupe. To make order and clear space, I throw away everything that does not mean anything to me, and then after a while I wonder where the hell those things ended up... I received a signed dedication from Mother Teresa of Calcutta, met Queen Elizabeth, and shook her hand, as well as Pope John Paul II, not to mention all the presidents. Everything or almost everything has been said about me. I don’t feel like an icon or someone on a pedestal, but only a woman who worked hard and was born under a lucky star...“

„... Art should be available to everyone. If we want the government to change, first of all, we need to bring culture to the most remote places, which everyone has forgotten about. To this day, while walking down the street, I am moved by the fact that people recognize me, stop me and thank me for everything that I have done...“

„... Dance is the evolution of the body in all its beauty, integrity, and pride. I was lucky to meet this world and be a part of it... Nature gave me a slender body, gentle neck and arms, as well as a child-like smile with small and beautifully visible teeth. I increased my speed, ability, and line of legs... On stage, I was both a dragonfly and a tiger, gentle and passionate, childish and combative...“

Step by step
Carla Fracci

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Language: Serbian
Year of publication: 2022
Publisher: Belgrade Dance Festival
Number of pages: 204
ISBN: 978-86-916199-2-3



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