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Gabriela Cariso and Frank Chartier (Peeping Tom) are the winners of the Jovan Cirilov Award - one step further, within the 18th Belgrade Dance Festival.

The award "Jovan Cirilov - one step further" within the 18th Belgrade Dance Festival, by the decision of the expert jury, went to the famous Belgian duo - choreographers Gabriela Cariso and Frank Chartier, founders and creators of the famous group Peeping Tom.


Delayed tour of the Dresden Frankfurt Dance company

Due to the alarming increase in the number of newly infected crowns with the virus and the return of Serbia to the red list, the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company postponed its arrival in Belgrade.


"Umwelt" by the Maguy Marin dance company in the best 20 pieces of artistic paly of the 21st century

The British "Guardian" has published a list of the 20 best pieces of art in the 21st century.


A play by Jacopo Godani in September in Madlenianum

The piece "Alter ego" by the famous choreographer Jakop Godani, performed by the Dresden Frankfurt game company, will be performed on September 24 and 25 on the stage of Madlenijamum, as an introduction to the autumn part of the 18th Belgrade Dance Festival.


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