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Privacy policy

Providing security of personal data


In order to successfully process Your order we need your name, surname, address, e-mail address and phone number. With the help of those information we will deliver you the requested tickets and notify you about your purchase. In the name of ou company we pledge that we will protect our customers privacy. We collect only the neccesary basic data about our customers and information needed for bussiness in accordance with good bussiness customs and to provide a good service. All information about the customers are guarded and available only to the personel who need to handle the requests. All personel of BDF are responsible for acting in accordance with the privacy policy. We pledge that we do not use the information in any other purposes and we do not share them with third parties.


When entering the bank card information, the confidential information are sent through public network in a protected (encrypted) form with the use of SSL protocols and PKI system as the newest cryphografic technology. The security of the data during the purchase is guaranteed by the procesor of payment cards, Bank Intesa a.d Belgrade, so that the complete payment process is at the webpage of the bank. The data about your bank card are not accessible to our system not for a moment.


Beside the forementioned data we collect, analyze and handle data reguarding the tickets that our customers purchase and about the pages they visit. We use these information to offer better customer experience at our website and to offer you a better, easier and safer purchase.


Agreement and change of conditions


The use of our services means agreeing with the forementioned terms and conditions of Belgrade Dance Festival. BDF oblidges to act in agreement to all the meantioned terms, and all the changes to the terms will be active after publishing them on this page.



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