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Gauthier Dance / 19th Belgrade Dance Festival

Belgrade Dance Festival

Under the slogan We believe in one Dance the 19th Belgrade Dance Festival is ahead of us. With its program, the nineteenth edition is gathering top artists, and the topics that authors are bringing analyze modern society using the richest and most diverse vocabulary of the unique movement. The Festival is preceded by the traditional film review Dance Days in Cinematheque, choreography workshops, masterclasses, and exhibitions. Thanks to this Festival, Belgrade has become an important spot in the biography of artists who create trends in the field of dance and theater, a place where new productions are discovered, and where well-known and young authors are represented with equal attention. The actuality of the program has determined the position of the manifestation on the international map, while high standards and bold introduction of new choreographic manuscripts and aesthetics enhance the expectations of the audience and dictate the challenges of content creation. By discovering dance through its superb range, the festival has gained a large audience on its journey of nineteen years. Since its founding, over 450 choreographic realizations have been presented, while every edition’s program was followed by around 23.000 spectators and 120 accredited local and international journalists. During the last few, difficult, pandemic theater seasons, contact was maintained with numerous viewers thanks to streaming and live broadcasts of performances on the Radio Television of Serbia’s second channel. Belgrade Dance Festival’s uniqueness was once again confirmed by the fact that the announced programs were not canceled, only postponed until the conditions for realization were adequate. This is why the two previous editions became a real dance marathon spanning through the entire calendar year.

Belgrade Dance Festival developed thanks to the support from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, the City of Belgrade, the Embassies and the Cultural Centers of the participating countries. Long-standing cooperation with the Provincial Secretariat for Culture of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and the City of Novi Sad is important for the program’s realization in Vojvodina. For nine consecutive years, the Belgrade Dance Festival has realized its own educational programs in cooperation with the EU Delegation in Serbia. This year as well, the company NIS is supporting this event that significantly contributes to the development of culture and art in Serbia. Supporting the festival that brings together top artists across the world and contributes to the popularization of our country is a logical step in line with the values that the company NIS nurtures within its socially responsible business. The company Visa, as a long-term partner of the Festival, with great satisfaction supports the realization of this prestigious cultural event in an effort to make its rich program available to contemporary dance lovers around the world, offering a safe and convenient payment experience and special benefits for online shopping. As a long-standing partner of the Festival, Erste bank aims to make high art available to the broadest audience in Serbia. Traditional friends of the Festival are The Post of Serbia, DDOR Novi Sad, as well as Heineken, Vahali Production Services, Schweppes, Telegroup, Lasta... The event was also supported by the hotels Mercure Belgrade Excelsior, and Hotel Centar and Planeta Inn in Novi Sad.

Malpaso Dance Company / 19th Belgrade Dance Company



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