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Thomas Noone

24th March 2023.

Bitef Theatre

After the Party

direction, choreography, performance: Thomas Noone
assistants to choreographer: Nuria Martinez, Alba Barral
music: Jim Pinchen
light: Jimmy Strom
costume: Marc Udina
puppetry coaching: Duda Paiva
vocal coaching: Montse Puga
clown coaching: Martí Torras
design and construction of the puppet: André Mello
photography: Yoana Miguel, German Anton
organization, communication: Sara Esteller

duration: 60’
premiere: SAT! theatre, Barcelona, 2019

production: TND in collaboration with the ICEC - Generalitat de Catalunya and the SAT! theatre Barcelona

A man collapsed with a sensory overload from a myriad of conversations that now merge into one. He tries to sift what was important from what was frivolous, remembering the good and reinventing the bad. The unexpected appearance of his alter ego initiates a dialogue both intense and absurd, truths, lies and dreams all expressed through movement and a somewhat rebellious puppet.

Thomas Noone originally studied Geology at Oxford. After graduating, he went to study dance at the Rambert Dance School. After dancing with Djazzex, Reflex and Itzik Galili in the Netherlands, he joined Charleroi Danses under Frederick Flammand in Belgium. Later he moved to Barcelona, where he danced with several local choreographers including the iconic Cesc Gelabert and Ramon Oller before founding his own group Thomas Noone Dance. With this group he has created over 35 productions, up till now, including large scale works, family orientated performances, collaborations with musicians and other artists, as well as inclusive work. The company has performed extensively at major stages and festivals in Spain, and all around the world. Noone works regularly as a guest teacher and choreographer. He was invited to create for numerous dance and ballet companies, while he remains program consultant for the SAT theatre in Bercelona, since 2006. He was awarded Barcelona's City Prize for Dance, in 2011.

Noone and his puppet fill the stage with life, drama, humor, irony… And also with dance and rhythm by the very hand of this prestigious choreographer…
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