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Shanghai / New York

Yue Yin Dance Company

8th April 2024.

Zvezdara Theater


choreography: Yue Yin
costumes: Christine Darch
music: Glitch – Echo Collective Sleep – Mr. Mitch, Social State Ether Fields Forever – CoH String Quartet No. 2: III Live at the Ancient Belgique – A Winged Victory for the Sullen V4.3 pt.2 – Luca Yupanqui Respire – Echo Collective

performers: Grace Whitworth, Nat Wilson, Kristalyn Gill, Sarah Allen, Jordan Lang, Liane Aung

duration: 36’
premiere: Kaufmann Concert Hall at 92Y, 2021

While our lives may seem caught up in the conflict between calmness and turbulence, there are moments of harmony when the balance is found. The movement represents the spectrum between order and chaos.

Through the Fracture of Light

choreography: Yue Yin
original score: Juliane Jones, Doug Beiden
original lighting design: Matt Miller

performers: Grace Whitworth, Nat Wilson, Kristalyn Gill, Sarah Allen, Jordan Lang, Liane Aung, Robert Rubama

duration: 35’
premiere: Schrittmacher Festival, 2017

Showcasing the company’s original FoCo Technique, as well as its signature sleek physicality, “Through The Fracture of Light” demonstrates the versatility and range of its dancers as well as Yin Yue’s ability to weave strong rhythmic movement with quiet grace and agility. Fierce group sections seamlessly transition into duets and then back again, culminating with a group composition that grows and amplifies in intensity. The audience is brought to their emotional edge as dancers push on tirelessly toward this final energetic apex. The original score of lingering stringed sounds, Tibetan throat singing and Mongolian melodies enhances the experience of the piece’s elegantly designed choreography and precise, dynamic execution.

Yue Yin is an internationally recognized performer and choreographer, studied at the prestigious Shanghai Dance Academy and NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where she received her MFA in 2008. In 2018, she founded a NYC-based, non-profit contemporary dance company dedicated to teaching, production and performance of original choreographic works. Yin’s signature FoCo Technique represents a dynamic fusion of folk, ballet and contemporary dance. Under her direction, the company was presented to audiences on US and international stages, including prestigious Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, BAM Fisher, Joyce Theater, Peridance Center, Lincoln Center, New York Live Arts and many others... Yin was recipient of numerous important awards and through these high-profile successes, Yin has received commissions from recognized companies such as Martha Graham Dance Company, Boston Ballet, Philadelphia Ballet, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, Limon Dance Company, Alberta Ballet, Balletto di Torino, Peridance Contemporary Dance Company, Boston Dance Theater, Tisch School of The Arts, George Mason University, Rutgers University, Point Park University, West Michigan University and Juilliard School for Dance.

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