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Buenos Aires

Luciano Rosso

Theater Atelje 212


creation, performed by: Luciano Rosso
direction: Luciano Rosso & Maria Saccone
costume and sets design: Luciano Rosso, Oria Puppo
graphic design: Jose Saccone

duration: 60’
premiere: Avignon Festival, 2021.

production: T4/ Maixme Seugé + Jonathan Zak, Quartier Libre

Accumulating millions of views and over 500,000 subscribers in his Youtube channel, quite naturally Luciano Rosso turns digital during the confinement in spring 2020 to find its audience. The actor quickly gives birth to multiple characters by pushing to the extreme his areas of predilection such as lip sync and mime. He goes deeper into the writing and ends up with a audiovisual project: “APOCALIPSYNC_”. The stage adaptation leaves no doubt for the actor, who has had for more than ten years a triumphant success with “Un Poyo Rojo”, going from the Avignon Festival to the Theater du Rond-Point or the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The piece is made up of 10 scenes that follow one another through transition and without interruption. The minimalist staging allows Luciano Rosso to take completely owning of the scene giving free rein to his characters. These latter are numerous, nearly forty, whom he interprets in turn by offering us a reflection on isolation and the increasingly connected world in which we live. He explores the duality between a character and his psyche, between the actor and his body, between man and his spirituality. It is these three relationships that are represented throughout the show. Luciano Rosso presents in this physical theater solo a whole multitude of creative facets. Excellent in several scenic disciplines, he develops particular interpretation movements, musicality and humor and deploys a series of lip-syncing, mime and dance techniques. It is ultimately an introspection into the intimacy and vulnerability of the actor, which invites you to follow him in his sassy and whimsical characters, but also in a world in crisis increasingly dependent on technology and social networks. Comical and moving, Luciano Rosso plunges us with “APOCALIPSYNC”, in a universe whimsical of which he alone has the secret.

Luciano Rosso is dancer, actor, director and choreographer, trained in classical, contemporary, African, jazz and hip-hop dance, he also trained as an actor with Osqui Guzmán, Daniel Casablanca, Hermes Gaido and Paco Redondo, among others, and as a musician. He works on voice with Magdalena Fleitas, Alberto Alonso and Tom Viano, and on percussion with Santiago Albin, Gabriel Spiller and María Zoppi. He joined the Nandayure Company, under the direction of Analía González, as a dancer, actor and choreographer. In 2001, he joined the famous percussion group El Choque Urbano, with which he participated in “Fabricando Sonidos” and “La Nave”. With these two shows, he went on a three-year tour of Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Guatemala. They were also programmed in the Netherlands, South Korea and Syria. In 2009, he performed Urraka, a percussion show with objects and “Un Poyo Rojo”, a physical theater. With “Un Poyo Rojo” he also performed at the Belgrade Dance Festival in 2020. During the same year, and the time of lockdown, Luciano Rosso and Miguel Israilevich created the virtual show “APOCALIPSYNC_” in their home. Together with María Saccone they prepared the stage version of this one-man show, which was premiered in Avignon in Summer, 2021.