Company Maguy Marin


20:00h | Theater Atelje 212

Ligne de Crete

conception: Maguy Marin
in cooperation with: Ulises Alvarez, Laura Frigato, Françoise Leick, Louise Mariotte, Cathy Polo, Ennio Sammarco, Marcelo Sepulveda
lighting design: Alexandre Béneteaud
set and sound design: Charlie Aubry
sound manager: Chloé Barbe
stage manager: Balyam Ballabeni
costume design: Nelly Geyres
rehearsals: Lise Messina

duration: 70’ premiere: Lyon Biennale of Dance, 2018

co-production: Lyon Biennale of Dance, Théâtre de la Ville, Théâtre Gérard Philippe, National Center of Saint-Denis, La Briqueterie - CDCN Val-de-Marne, City of Fontenay-sous-Bois, Théâtre Garonne, Scène Européenne – Toulouse Théâtre de la Cité - Théâtre National de Toulouse, The Dance Place - CDCN Toulouse – Occitanie

The Company Maguy Marin is supported by Ministry of Culture and Communication (General direction for artistic creation, Dance Delegation). The Company is subsidized by City of Lyon, Region Auvergne- Rhône-Alpes, and supported by the French Institute for the international projects.

“What has happened to people’s desire?” 1. Entangled in a knot made up of the many torments of our times: social violence, the frenzy of mercantile desire, economic and political structures that are more and more opaque, blaring injustice, wars, the dead and the drowned, disenchanted hope, resignation and feelings of impotence, withdrawal into oneself and “pampered bodies”… To remain standing and step by step walk the line between two dangerous slopes, between the violence of dysfunctional institutions and the violence of the passions of man - “as they are and not how they wish they were” 2. – opens up our inclination to perceive, feel, act and think in a certain way, interiorized and incarnated by each individual through varying affects - “to renounce what we’ve learned to love” 3. This is the effort we must exert in order to rediscover our capacity to reconstruct a regime of desire that is different from the one that has been patiently instituted by capitalism and its infamous offspring neoliberalism. It is a process of liberation. The origin of this present work, “Ligne de Crête” 4. is rooted in the unconventional combination Frédéric Lordon proposed in his book “Willing Slaves of Capital”, which examines the passions of Spinoza’s philosophy and the political philosophy of Marx. But, this time our intention is to tackle it from another angle, like mad rock climbers who, with much endurance, radically change their positions of attack and thus discover unexplored paths as they attempt to reach a perhaps unattainable summit.
Maguy Marin

One of the most significant figures in the French new wave, dancer, choreographer, and company director, Maguy Marin, was born in Toulouse in 1951. After studying dance in her native Toulouse she began performing with the Strasbourg Opera Ballet. Later, she moved to Brussels to continue her studies at Béjart's Mudra School. She joined his Ballet of the XX Century in 1974, and slightly later made her first choreography for that company. In 1978 she won first prize at the Bagnolet Choreographic Competition. The same year, she founded her own company, which was renamed Company Maguy Marin, in 1984. She was resident choreographer at Lyon Opera Ballet (1991-1993). In addition to making unforgettable performances for her own company, Marin has choreographed pieces for the Paris Opera Ballet and Dutch National Ballet. A list of her other works includes numerous titles that had fantastic success in France, but also around the world.

À quoi rêvent les êtres qui peuplent les open spaces? Que subsiste-t-il du désir dans les sociétés occidentales qui n’offrent que la possession comme promesse de bonheur ? Plus que jamais, avec un regard acéré et une révolte qui n’a pas pris une ride, la chorégraphe fait de la scène le terrain d’une réflexion subtile, profonde et implacable.
© La Croix

L'art de dire tout avec peu…
© Télérama

20:00h | Theater Atelje 212

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