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Tel Aviv

Michael Getman

31st March 2024.

Bitef Theatre

First Things

choreography: Michael Getman
original sound: Gal Hochberg, Michael Getman
music: O-taiko by master Eitetsu Hayashi/L.V. Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 1 in F minor - Daniel Barenboim/Iannis Xenakis - Pléiades II. Métaux
costumes: Omri Albo
dramaturgy: Yael Venezia
light design: Nadav Barnea
international relations: Gloria De Angeli

duration: 60’
premiere: Hangartfest, Teatro Maddalena, Pesaro, 2022.

dancer: Ariel Gelbart

supported by: Derrida Dance Center, Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre, Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts, Yehoshua Rabinowitch Tel Aviv Foundation For The Arts
co-producer: Hangartfest, Pesaro

Imagine it.
A world where there is no distance between ‘it’ and our knowledge of ‘it.’ How, then, do we speak of ‘it’? We may be left entirely focused on tuning ourselves inward as one might tune an instrument to achieve precision. First Things is a three-part work (and more). Each part embodies a different minimalistic reading of the human experience in the world; ranging from physical and emotional dimensions to linguistic, visual and poetic aspects. Each part starts from a simple premise; one body- one point in space, one body- one beat, one body- one word. Gradually, an accumulation of tasks challenges the performer to hold on to the existing structure, eventually creating a fracture in the fabric of the choreography and unraveling a new emotional and visceral horizon. Brick by brick, a personal attempt to touch the humane – a foretold and visible trap.

Michael Getman is a Tel Aviv based choreographer. He is son of Dora and Zechariah immigrated to Israel from Leningrad after a plane hijacking by young Jewish dissidents to escape the USSR in 1970’s “Operation Wedding”. His dance education was at the Bat Dor School of Dance, directed by Jennette Ordman. He holds a Master's degree from the British University of Huddersfield. He worked at the Batsheva Ensemble and Dance Company, Amanda Miller’s Pretty Ugly Tanz and Theatre Saarbrucken directed by Marguerite Donlon. Since 2007, his own choreographic work and tools were developed and has been recognized in Israel. He examines the relationship between our bodily actions, cognitive responses, the particular and the abstract, and the ability to respond to the ongoing demands of experience with a range of physical arousal and emotions. He is commissioned as a choreographer to create and share artistic experiences, utilizing various choreographic expressions. His works have been presented at numerous festivals and venues. Beside work in theatre, he is interested in ethnography, researching and facilitating artistic expression with various communities and cultures. He teaches seminars for Bachelor's and Master's programs and creative workshops for professionals and non-professionals.

This piece is a testimony to dance’s profound and elusive nature, invoking many sensations and sparking endless contemplation.
© Haaretz

An exigent, hypnotic, mesmerizing work.
© Hamevakeret

It was a pleasure to see the refined choreography by Michael Getman and the fine interpretation by Ariel Gelbart who totally commanded the stage.
© Jerusalem Post

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