Sanja Ninkovic


20:00h | National Theatre (small stage)

Due to Coronavirus and closing of theaters in Serbia, the show "One" by Sanja Ninkovic that was scheduled for 29th March 2020 is rescheduled for 24th September 2020 in the National Theater. All tickets are valid for the new term.

based on film Lobster

choreography, direction: Sanja Ninković
music: Maja Ćurčić, Marko Đukić
assistant to choreographer: Maja Bajčetić
costume, scenography, script: Sanja Ninković in cooperation with performers
visual presentation: Radoman Durkovic
photography: Stanko Djalic, Jelena Jankovic
script: Sanja Ninkovic in cooperation with performers, based on the movie script for Lobster
special thanks: Una Novosel – for making the painting canvas used in scenography, Aleksandar Jacic – for making the play trailer clip, Snezana Ignjatovic- for making the costumes

duration: 65'
premiere: Narodno pozorište u Beogradu, 2019./National Theater in Belgrade, 2019

performers: Dejan Kolarov, Ivana Savić Jaćić, Brankica Mandić, Miloš Marjan, Olga Olćan, Miloš Živanović, Dušan Milosavljević, Sanja Ninković, Ana Ivančević
actress: Aleksandra Bibić Kolarov

Production of Association of Ballet Artists of Serbia /Award Encouragement

The inspiration for “One” was the film “Lobster” by Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos. It is a black-humor satire, which follows a man in a dystopic society where it is unacceptable to be single, without a romantic partner. The pressure of the society that the individual is exposed to, gets even harder with the pressure that he imposes on himself. The way we live and organize our lives around the patterns created by a society, often prevents us from perceiving the absurdity of something that we see as normal in our everyday lives. But when we envisage the usual situations and push them to extremes in our minds and then look at them through a microscope, this is when a new viewpoint emerges and when we start to wonder: is there a different way this could be done?

After completing the School of Ballet Lujo Davico, Sanja Ninković became a member of the Ballet of the National Theatre in Belgrade. On the stage of this theatre she appeared in many significant soloist roles in both contemporary and classical ballet performances. She is a guest member of Bitef Dance Company, and she also performed in Ballet of Madlenianum Opera. She is the recipient of the Natasa Boskovic award of the Association of Ballet Artists of Serbia, for best interpretation of classical and neo-classical style for the role of Swanilda’s friends in “Coppelia” (2016), Smiljana Mandukic award for best dance interpretation in contemporary dance in the performance “Yesterday, Remember to Forget” by Bitef Dance Company (2013), Dimitrije Parlic award as a member of the performance “Step Lightly”, for extraordinary technical interpretation (2010), and Commendation by the National Theater in Belgrade for achievements of special importance (2007, 2010, 2013). She is also the recipient of the Judges’ Panel award and award Encouragement, on the 22nd Festival of Choreographic Miniatures for her debut choreography “Subjectively”. She graduated from the Academy of Arts in Belgrade, Department of Production in the Arts and Media.

ENCOURAGEMENT award represents the programme of support for domestic artists and it is aimed at encouraging choreographic work and the development of artistic dance in Serbia. It is awarded as part of the competition programme of the Festival of Choreographic Miniatures to a choreographer for his ten-minute work. The award gives a chance to an artist to realize a feature dance performance in the production by Association of Ballet Artists of Serbia, which will for the first time be performed at the next Festival. The award Encouragement is presented by the Artistic Council of the Ballet Association.

Invitation for a dance, for joy that mobilizes the viewers, especially those that can relate to pop-culture, so that everyone finds his own pleasure in it.
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20:00h | National Theatre (small stage)

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