Shay Kuebler | Radical System Art


20:00h | Bitef Theatre
20:00h | KC Gornji Milanovac

Due to Coronavirus and closing of theaters in Serbia, Shay Kuebler | Radical System Art show that was scheduled for 7th April 2020. at BITEF Theater is rescheduled for the 18th Belgrade Dance Festival on the 30th March 2021. All tickets are valid for the new term.


choreography, artistic direction: Shay Kuebler
tap choreography and improvisation: Danny Nielsen
sound design: Shay Kuebler, Kate De Lorme
sound direction: Kate De Lorme
technical direction: Ian Low
lighting design: Craig Alfredson, Eric Chad and Shay Kuebler
video, projection design: Eric Chad
video technician: Nathan Dery

duration: 65’
premiere: Chutzpah! Festival, 2017, Vancouver

dancers: Keiran Bohay, Isak Enquist, Tia Kushniruk, Shay Kuebler, Katie Lowen, Odile-Amélie Peters, Calder White, Danny Nielsen

coproduction: International Chutzpah! Festival, Dance Centre & Dance Foundation, Artspring Theatre, Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre, American Dance Festival

Telemetry: an automated communications process by which measurements and other data are collected at remote or inaccessible points and transmitted to receiving equipment for monitoring. Telemetry encompasses wireless data transfer mechanisms including radio, ultrasonic, or infrared systems as well as data transferred over other media such as a telephone or computer networks.

When I first heard of the science of telemetry and telemetering, it instantly connected me to the idea of how the human body is a telemeter. It is a device – a tool – that translates, relays and communicates intangible and unseen processes. Dance is really such a clear example of telemetering where the body translates an audible form into a visual form. For this reason, the performance places such an importance on the interaction between live sound and lighting and the physical performances. During the research of the project, I continued to search for ideas around how the human body relates to radio sciences and the idea of a monitoring station. The body can be seen as a vessel of memories, history and experiences that are continually relayed, transformed and transmitted to affect our current way of being. The intangible have a very profound physical and material presence.
Shay Kuebler

Shay Kuebler has been an independent dance artist in the city of Vancouver and Montreal for the past 8 years. Along with his successes as a collaborator and co-director, he has had the honor of performing and creating his own work for international dance festivals and dance companies across Canada. As a performer, he’s performed with Kidd Pivot, Holy Body Tattoo, Animals of Distinction, and The 605 Collective. As a choreographer he’s worked with Les Grands Ballet Canadiens, Citieballet, Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, L’Ecole de Danse du Quebec, Simon Fraser University and London Contemporary Dance School. With a foundation in the martial arts, he is constantly searching for how physical performance can be finely tuned yet retain an instinctual and raw quality. As a dance artist, whose professional performing and choreographic career has spanned the disciplines of Tap, Hip Hop, neo-classical Ballet and Contemporary, Shay also looks at how all techniques can reinforce and strengthen each other. He creates cross-disciplinary works to be able to receive greater potential and capacity for each form utilized in performance.

The piece pulses with a dynamic vitality that has Kuebler and his performers explore how the body responds to sound.
© Ottawa Dance

20:00h | Bitef Theatre
20:00h | KC Gornji Milanovac

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