Tie Break

Lyon, France

25.3.2019. | 17 h | Terazije Theatre
25.3.2019. | 21 h | Terazije Theatre




choreography: Moncef Zebiri, Fares Baliouz, Patrick M’BalaMangu, Nagueye Mahmoud
music: Arthur Caget
costumes:Nadine Chabannier
duration: 50’
premiere: Maison de la Danse, Lyon, 2018
performers: Moncef Zebiri, Naguéyé Mahmoud, Patrick M’BalaMangu, RémiMichault, Wassim Beriss, Farès Baliouz, Yves Constant Bankoue, Osmane Camara
With the support of the city of Rillieux-la-Pape (France), of the Playground Sports Center and of the Dyptik Company.


Traveling through the world on international tours, these artists have turned their hotel rooms into a second home. It was from these hospitable but impersonal places that all discussions and debates began between them. From this reflection came a form of musical comedy with jazzy inspirations featuring moments of life in these luxurious hotels. They wrote comical and moralizing scenes showing the reception with its many encounters and prejudices, but also the role of concierges and receptionists, the room service without forgetting the customers and their sometimes unusual demands. Enter a real hotel lobby in an incessant rhythm!


Coming from the emblematic Pockemon crew, the members of the Tie Break company are now turning a step: they have completely emancipated themselves from their group of origin, in order to build a project faithful to their image. Inspired by both the new circus and musicals, Tie Break intends to use hip-hop dance as an entertainment tool for the public. In their first play, we find theatrical expression mixed with the technical performance of breakdance. Stations, airports, theaters, tours… the life of these artists is punctuated by its innumerable trips for nearly twenty years throughout the world. It is part of this atypical daily life the dancers wanted to share with the public who knew them and who followed them for many years, and who sees only the “visible part of the iceberg”, their performance on stage, but rarely the back of the decor and these unusual situations.