17th Belgrade Dance Festival

Dear Audience,

We inform you that the programs of 17th Belgrade Dance Festival, originally planned and announced from March 13th to April 12th, 2020, are delayed or cancelled as a response to the international measures established for combatting spreading of the Covid 19 virus, measures of prohibition public gatherings, and all in line with respecting the state of emergency that is enacted on the territory of Republic of Serbia.

Due to the efforts of the organizers and the dance companies that were intended to participate at the festival, the major part of the program will take place in September and November of 2020. New calendar of the Festival is available on our web site.

All tickets for the delayed programs are valid, and there is no need to obtain the new tickets. Thus, please keep your tickets. If the new schedule for the selected program does not suit you, you may divert the funds to other festival programs (for those who bought the tickets online) or you can request a refund.

Unfortunately, one of the performances (Ballet HNK from Rijeka) is cancelled. Bought tickets for the cancelled program can be diverted to other festival programs (for those who bought the tickets online) or you can request a refund.

If you bought the tickets through the website of the Belgrade Dance Festival and you wish a refund, it is neccessary that in the time period from May 20th till June 1st 2020. do the following:

- to the email address: protocol@belgradedancefestival.com forward the original email with the purchase confirmation and the tickets that you have received from the website,

- in the text body specify which tickets exactly you wish to refund.

The correctly submited requests will be collected and checked and the funds will be returned immediately after this period. If you bought the tickets in the theater, you may request the refund at the box office.Thank you for following.
Until we meet again, we send you the warmest regards.

Belgrade Dance Festival