17th Belgrade Dance Festival

Dear Audience,

The show „My body... “ of the Company Olivier Dubois from Paris is canceled for health reasons. A new date for this show is not available yet, so we ask the audience that has tickets for this event to send a request for refund to e-mail protocol@belgradedancefestival.com by October 10th, 2020. Send your tickets in the attachment. If you bought the tickets in Opera Madlenianum you can get your money at the same ticket office where you bought them.

We would like to inform you that the programs of the 17th Belgrade Dance Festival, originally planned and announced in the period from March 13th to April 12th 2020., are postponed in accordance with the international measures prescribed in order to prevent the spread of the Covid 19 virus, measures to ban public gatherings, and then a state of emergency declared in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

All Companies whose participation was planned and announced will perform their program. No programs have been canceled. One part of the shows will be performed in September and November of 2020., and the other part at the next Festival (March and April, 2021.). The new calendar is updated and available on our website.

Everyone who, following the instructions on our website and the media, sent their request for refund for the tickets for March and April until June 1st, got their funds back.

All tickets for the delayed programs that you kept are valid, and you do not need to change them. Just keep your tickets and come to the theatre with them.

If there is a new delay of some of the programs (due to deteriorating epidemiological situation, rigorous isolation protocol or suspended air traffic), the audience will again have the opportunity to send a request for refunds within a certain period or keep bought tickets for the new dates.

Until we meet again,
Belgrade Dance Festival